Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Location: Melbourne
Contact person: Georgina

This is "Miffy". She is approximately 2 years old, female and undesexed.

Miffy’s story is very sad. She spent the first 2 years of her life in a pet shop, living in a small square glass pen. Other rabbits came & went but Miffy was left behind.

Eventually, as Miffy was not attractive to anyone looking for a pet rabbit – she wasn’t a baby anymore, she was white & she had red eyes (apparently traits that others find unattractive??!!) – one of the staff members suggested he would take Miffy home, kill her & eat her!

Luckily, another staff member took her away from the store & gave her to me to try and find her a new home.

Miffy is ok with being handled (does not bite of scratch) but would rather come to you than you come to her. As she is used to meeting other rabbits in the pet shop, she has bonded well with other bunnies in the past and seems eager to make friends, though will need to be desexed to ensure bonding is easier (best for her health too!!).
Miffy's litter training is coming along very well. She is a clever girl and is very happy to be away from the pet store. She is now looking forward to her new future as a loved bun.

If you are interested in Miffy and could offer her a well needed loving home, please contact Georgina at angelicvampyre666@gmail.com

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