Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Location: Melbourne (Plenty Valley)

Foster home: Pets at Home

Louise is 12 months old and is a mixed breed agouti female (currently
undesexed, but will be desexed before going to her new home).

She is very inquisitive and always comes running up to you when you
enter her enclosure to see what you are up to and try and wrangle some

She is quite affectionate and really enjoys her nose being patted.
She is used to eating a wide variety of fresh foods and while she was in
the store she was very good about using her litter tray.

Louise has been fostered out with a client of ours who is very rabbit
savvy but unfortunately they are moving and Louise needs to find her
forever home.

Would make a great indoor rabbit and would be good with older children
who know how to handle rabbits as she is very playful and affectionate.
If you are interested in Louise, please contact Stacey or Kerrie at Pets at Home on 9407 2001 or email pv@petsathome.com.au

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