Monday, February 8, 2010


Location: Melbourne
Contact person: Angie @

Manuel is a vaccinated and castrated indoor boy bun.
Unfortunately, a war started in our building over pets, the outcome of which is that we have to find a new home for Manuel.

He is pretty timid and doesn't really like to be handled. He has been known to growl when his space is invaded! He is happiest out of his cage roaming the lounge room and eating carrots, spinach or parsley.

If I sit on the floor he will come and sniff my feet and give my legs a head butt. He will also sip from an unattended water glass. He has been alone since we bought him but was sharing a cage with a girl rabbit when we first saw him. He is also toilet trained and will only use the straw in his cage.

If you are interested in Manuel, please contact Angie at

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