Saturday, July 17, 2010


Location: Melbourne

Contact person: Gaye -

This little bun is around 5 years of age and has been living in my backyard roaming free (just turned up).

After a new pergola and deck have been build recently, Mystery the bun has been busy chewing his/her way on the new wood. Even though I love this little bun in my garden, I don't want my new pergola and deck to be destroyed so I have caught the little bun, bought a 2 storey home (which I am happy to give away with the bunny - to the right home) but need to find it a better home elsewhere where he/she will get more attention & care.

Unsure of the sex of the bun, he/she is very friendly and doesn't mind cats & dogs nearby. Unfortunately, my dogs think differently and are making my life very difficult by barking constantly and stressing everyone around them.

If you are interested in giving Mystery the bun a new permanent or foster home, please cotact Gaye on

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  1. Oh dear! I hope his/her family isn't wondering where their bunny got to...have you posted 'found' fliers and checked at the local vets and pounds? :-)
    He/She looks adorable, I hope a good home is found soon!