Saturday, July 17, 2010


Location: Melbourne

Contact person: Gaye -

This little bun is around 5 years of age and has been living in my backyard roaming free (just turned up).

After a new pergola and deck have been build recently, Mystery the bun has been busy chewing his/her way on the new wood. Even though I love this little bun in my garden, I don't want my new pergola and deck to be destroyed so I have caught the little bun, bought a 2 storey home (which I am happy to give away with the bunny - to the right home) but need to find it a better home elsewhere where he/she will get more attention & care.

Unsure of the sex of the bun, he/she is very friendly and doesn't mind cats & dogs nearby. Unfortunately, my dogs think differently and are making my life very difficult by barking constantly and stressing everyone around them.

If you are interested in giving Mystery the bun a new permanent or foster home, please cotact Gaye on

Mr Bun & Squiggle

Location: Melbourne
Contact person: Ruth -

Mr Bun is a handsome fellow that was found as a stray in Dandenong. He waited at the pound for 8 days but nobody came to collect him.

Squiggle is a 3 year old desexed female bun. Mr Bun is around one year of age and will be desexed & vaccinated shortly. Both buns are now happily bonded but looking for a permanent loving home together.

If you would like to know more about this lovely couple, please contact Ruth at

Monday, February 8, 2010


Location: Melbourne
Contact person: Angie @

Manuel is a vaccinated and castrated indoor boy bun.
Unfortunately, a war started in our building over pets, the outcome of which is that we have to find a new home for Manuel.

He is pretty timid and doesn't really like to be handled. He has been known to growl when his space is invaded! He is happiest out of his cage roaming the lounge room and eating carrots, spinach or parsley.

If I sit on the floor he will come and sniff my feet and give my legs a head butt. He will also sip from an unattended water glass. He has been alone since we bought him but was sharing a cage with a girl rabbit when we first saw him. He is also toilet trained and will only use the straw in his cage.

If you are interested in Manuel, please contact Angie at


Location: Melbourne
Contact person: Kat @

Frank is a five year old undesexed dwarf lop. He roams freely during the day and goes in his hutch at night. He is besotted by our two dogs and loves to greet you at the gate when you arrive home.

He is used to eating a wide variety of fresh foods as well as grazing in the back yard.

I would love to find him a home where he has a safe space to roam during the day.

Unfortunately one of our dogs is getting frail and grumpy as she gets older and doesn't tolerate Frank too well.

If you would like to give Frank a home please contact Kat at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Location: Melbourne (Plenty Valley)

Foster home: Pets at Home

Louise is 12 months old and is a mixed breed agouti female (currently
undesexed, but will be desexed before going to her new home).

She is very inquisitive and always comes running up to you when you
enter her enclosure to see what you are up to and try and wrangle some

She is quite affectionate and really enjoys her nose being patted.
She is used to eating a wide variety of fresh foods and while she was in
the store she was very good about using her litter tray.

Louise has been fostered out with a client of ours who is very rabbit
savvy but unfortunately they are moving and Louise needs to find her
forever home.

Would make a great indoor rabbit and would be good with older children
who know how to handle rabbits as she is very playful and affectionate.
If you are interested in Louise, please contact Stacey or Kerrie at Pets at Home on 9407 2001 or email

Monday, October 26, 2009


Location: Sydney
Foster mum: Teresa

I recently rescued a rabbit who came into the pound where I have been volunteering in Sydney. She was skin & bone, passing a mucus sludge, had bad mite infestation in one ear, depressed and was putrid underneath with sodden urine soaked fur. Her hair was rotting and falling off due to the urine and her skin was red raw with urine scalding. I'd say she was on her last legs and near death.

She has been to the vet who successfully treated her for the mite problem. Her fur is now clean, regrowing, she is gaining weight and her poos are fantastic large cannon balls.

Heidi is a big female rabbit and when up to her normal weight could be around 5-6 kilos+ so needs a special home where she will be part of the family. She is a house rabbit who has a large dog crate for her home with en suite litter tray which she is learning to use. She has a nice soft bed to lay on and comes out two or three times a day to run around the house and spend time with the family and receive cuddles.

Heidi has learnt to jump onto the lounge to be near us but prefers us to get down to her level for strokes and does struggle when picked up. Being a big bun she eats a lot & needs a large litter tray as her toilet so cannot be kept in a small space.

She is very, very sweet and if we did not already have a grumpy female house rabbit we would keep her for sure.

Only dedicated committed people need apply to adopt her, she has been through a nightmare and must never go through that again.

If you are interested in Heidi, please contact Teresa on
30 November 2009 - HEIDI HAS BEEN ADOPTED!! She was transported down to Melbourne where she has a new home & is settling in well.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Location: Melbourne
Contact person: Georgina

This is "Miffy". She is approximately 2 years old, female and undesexed.

Miffy’s story is very sad. She spent the first 2 years of her life in a pet shop, living in a small square glass pen. Other rabbits came & went but Miffy was left behind.

Eventually, as Miffy was not attractive to anyone looking for a pet rabbit – she wasn’t a baby anymore, she was white & she had red eyes (apparently traits that others find unattractive??!!) – one of the staff members suggested he would take Miffy home, kill her & eat her!

Luckily, another staff member took her away from the store & gave her to me to try and find her a new home.

Miffy is ok with being handled (does not bite of scratch) but would rather come to you than you come to her. As she is used to meeting other rabbits in the pet shop, she has bonded well with other bunnies in the past and seems eager to make friends, though will need to be desexed to ensure bonding is easier (best for her health too!!).
Miffy's litter training is coming along very well. She is a clever girl and is very happy to be away from the pet store. She is now looking forward to her new future as a loved bun.

If you are interested in Miffy and could offer her a well needed loving home, please contact Georgina at